Together Again

In keeping with the times, Simply Divine Communications would like to honor the lives of three Civil Rights icons who stood for justice and equality: Congressman John Lewis, Rev. C.T. Vivian, and Rev. Joseph Lowery. Their legacies will live on forever as they are now together again.

It’s so nice to be together again

In a place where you can rejoice and reminisce among friends.  
In a place where you’re welcomed with open arms
In place where you’re protected and safe from all harm.
Returning to that place where it all began,
Where you received marching orders and discerned strategic plans.
To the place that commissioned you
That covered and kept you safe,
To the place that empowered you
When all you could lean on was your faith.


Joe Lowery is waiting to meet you there,
He arrived not long ago
Spreading laughter everywhere.
I’m sure that Joe is saying,
“Well, friends, you’ve done well,
Come on up a little higher,
Where we can all forever dwell.
Come up higher and see
How God intended for us to live
In a place where love abounds
After learning to forgive.
There’ll be no more beatings,
No more cursings,
No more spitting.
No more dogs,
No more disrespecting,
No more intimidating,
And no more hitting.
No more injustice,
Only joy and peace,
No more needless suffering,
All sorrow has ceased.

Put on your robes and come with me,
Let’s walk down the streets of eternity.
I’m so happy to see you both again,
There’s nothing like the presence and comfort of friends.
For every trial and struggle you’ve been through,
Welcome to the place God’s prepared for you.
Well done.”



  • Eloquent words for such faithful servants.
    Well done.

    Catrindya Williams
  • Beautifully spoken

    Ann Sims

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