Come Together- Become the Wall


Become the wall,
That this world needs,
A mighty fortress
As you stand on your knees.

Become the wall,
Be a fortress, a shield;
Proclaim to the world,
That Jesus Christ lives!

 On this National Day of Prayer, the people of God must rise up! This isn’t a time to be silent, complacent, or undisciplined. Today, we stand on our knees to build and become a wall. Division, deception, and confusion are running rampant all over the land. Today, we arise in the spirit of love to dispel hate, fear, and divisiveness. Lord, we seek Your wisdom, we seek Your guidance, we seek Your covering, and we seek Your direction. Show us where You’d have us to go. Instruct us in what You’d have us to do. Thank You for Your healing balm. Thank You that all sickness and disease must bow to You. Lord, heal our land. Heal our body, mind, and spirit. Bring order. Bring clarity. Bring peace. Bring an end to stubbornness and rebellion. Thank You in advance that Your word will come to pass in each of our lives. Lord, we’re coming together, and we’re rising up to be the people of God that You would have us to be. We love You. We bless You, and we honor You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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