About Us

Simply Divine Communications began with a dream – a dream to create comforting, crafty, and creative gift items that uplift the spirit, warm the heart, and soothe the soul. Our mission is to inspire and motivate others through products that educate, encourage, and enrich. We offer a wide selection of products such as greeting cards, rack cards, bookmarks, framed gifts, and more.

When you choose Simply Divine Communications, you are selecting gift items specifically created with your needs in mind. Our products are designed to touch every facet of society. Whether a word of comfort or a simple expression to motivate and encourage, each recipient of gift items from Simply Divine Communications will be touched in a special way and know that they are cherished and appreciated. 

Inspiration and encouragement know no bounds. At Simply Divine Communications, our desire is to leave a legacy of love, hope, and joy with each individual we come into contact with. We will serve as a source of comfort and beacon of light through the unique expressions of hope, endurance, and encouragement exemplified in the products we offer. Give the gift that nurtures, inspires, and transforms. Make Simply Divine Communications your first choice for all your gifting needs. Comforting, crafty, and creative - that’s the essence of Simply Divine Communications!

Simply Divine is who we are,
Motivating and encouraging
Those near and far.
Transforming lives is what we do,
Just when you need it,
There’s empowerment for you!