Congratulations! You made it!


Congratulations! You’ve made it through the end of the first month in the first quarter of 2019. Through uncertainty, drama, and chaos, you’ve pressed your way through. It’s been an action packed transition into the New Year, but you steadied the course and remained faithful. As a result of your faithfulness, God is going to move in an awesome way in your life. Open your mind, heart, and spirit. Make ready and make room to receive the blessings He has in store for you. Discipline yourself and remain focused. Don’t be distracted by noise or noise bearers. Tune out negativity, criticism, and doubt. Occupy your time, thoughts, and space with reinforcements from the word of God. Allow His precepts to be your business plan and your bottom line. Operate under the following guidelines:

  1. Know that you are called to do great things.
  2. Know that you are chosen by God.
  3. Know that you have a great destiny in front of you.
  4. Know that God gives wisdom in ALL things.
  5. Know that you can’t expect anything to fall in your lap; you must earnestly work for it.
  6. Know that if you step out in faith, God will reward your diligence.

 Simply Divine Communications wishes you a blessed and prosperous New Year! We speak the following blessings over your business, over your life, and over everything you set your hands to:

  • May your business thrive and prosper.
  • May all your endeavors be blessed.
  • May doors of opportunity be opened to you.
  • May resources be made available for you.

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Be blessed and be a blessing!

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