Don't Try Me, You Might Get Played!


Understand your power in God. Recognize the favor you possess. You may appear to be alone on your journey, but with God on your side, you’re surrounded by a mighty army! Today, take a moment and thank God that His spirit dwells in you. Understand that along your journey, everyone you meet is not a friend, and everyone you encounter is not destined to accompany you. Choose wisely and be led by the spirit when forming relationships. Thank God for covenant relationships that will stand the test of time and the trials of life. Don't allow yourself to be played, distracted, or led astray by anyone you encounter along life’s way. Allow God to be your security detail! Trust Him to ward off all attacks!

Daily Prayer:

Lord, thank You for each person I will encounter on my journey. Thank You for wisdom and discernment to know who’s in my corner and who has deceptive or malicious intent. Lord, be my Confidant and be my Guide. Thank You for being a hedge of protection and covering me so that no weapon formed against me shall prosper. For the ability to rise above every adversity, I thank You. For the grace to keep my head held high when things around me attempt to pull me down, I thank You. Continue to strengthen me. Continue to position me where You’d have me to go. Thank You for favor and the ability to be steadfast and undeterred. As long as You are with me and for me, it doesn’t matter who or what comes against me. Because You dwell within me, I have the ability to stand without fear, wavering, or doubt. Thank You for being everything I need exactly when I need it. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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  • A powerful declaration!!! Thank you for being a willing vessel. May His grace continually abound in your life, in Jesus name, amen.

    Will Thomas

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