Double, Double


In reflecting on what’s happening around the world today, one can surmise that the nation stands in need of a double double. We entered the new year with a spirit of earnest expectation as we welcomed a new decade. Looking back over the last six months, 2020 has not lived up to the hype!!

  • Instead of abundance, there’s been lack.
  • Instead of vibrancy, there’s been unprecedented death and suffering.
  • Instead of unity, there’s been divisiveness.
  • Instead of order, there’s been chaos and confusion.
  • Instead of truth and transparency, there’s been deception and denial.
  • Instead of peace, there’s been turmoil and conflict.

To date, not much of what we’ve hoped for has turned out as we would have liked or expected. Because the first half of 2020 has been full of so much devastation and heartache, the longing for a fresh start and new opportunities is REAL. Though the frustrations  of 2020 run deep, we can’t overlook the fact that we serve an AWESOME God. Our times are in HIS hands and He is able to redeem the pain, tears, and overwhelming feelings of failure and stagnation in our lives.

In every situation we face, no matter how devastating, we must trust and believe that God has already provided a way of escape. It is with this mindset that we must approach the remainder of 2020. As we look toward the days ahead, the only absolute, the only certainty we have is God! Though the first half of the year is gone, God is still able to redeem the time. For all that has been lost, all that had to be given up, for doors closed in your face, and doors yet to be opened, may there be a double, double in your life!

Double, Double

Can I get a double, double?
A little something for my trouble, trouble.
As I close a chapter
And leave it behind,
I look forward to opportunities
That are mine all mine.
For everything I’ve gone through,
Everything I’ve endured,
The many, many valuable lessons
That have molded me as I’ve matured.
I am thankful for the good times,
And grateful for the bad,
Through it all, I’ve learned to rejoice
And not be despondent, angry or mad.
I’m ready for my double, double
Blessings descend right now,
Catapult me into destiny,
Transformation take place somehow.
What I hope to receive,
What I hope will manifest,
Is a reward for years of perseverance,
Growing pains, and undue stress.
May there be double for each disappointment,
Double for any pain,
Double for attempts and failures,
For all things lost I hope to gain.
I’m ready to move forward,
To embrace what is and what is destined to be,
There’s no more looking back,
Double, double accompany me.
I welcome new opportunities
Of a new decade and a new year,
I kept the faith, I persevered,
Double, double it’s time to appear.

Can I get a double, double?
A little something for my trouble, trouble.

 -© Christa Wilkinson, January 3, 2020

 Double, Double is a self-awakening piece that is synonymous with transitioning into a new year and embracing a new decade. It’s an acknowledgement of past experiences and lessons learned as well as a gratefulness for a new beginning with unlimited opportunities.

Double, Double echoes an understanding of timing and an appreciation of the times. Through this poem, it is my hope that each reader will become more focused and greatly motivated to reach their goals and exceed expectations for the new year and decade. May each life touched by this poem be encouraged to live life to the fullest and receive every blessing God has in store for their life!!


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  • Loved it!! Can I get a little double double for my trouble trouble!! AMEN!!! GOS IS SO GOOD IN SPITE OF ALL WE GO THRU!!!

    Felicia Bacon

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