Etiquette For The Epidemic


Ready or not, states are lifting shelter-in-place mandates. More and more businesses are beginning to reopen as the race to “save” the economy ensues. For us, this means a careful reassessment of our mindsets and actions. This is NOT the time to be a social butterfly, going from place to place without purpose or reason. Regardless of who says what, the fact STILL remains that there is no cure or vaccine to ward off coronavirus. Each time you leave the confines of your home, you place yourself as well as those around you at risk. If you become infected, your fate lies in the mercy of God, the care of healthcare workers, and the resiliency of your immune system.  

Now more than ever is the time to exercise etiquette in public. Go out only when necessary. While you’re out, be cordial. No one may be able to tell that you’re doing so, but smile, nod, and keep moving. There’s no need to operate in a combative, rude, ungodly, or unprofessional manner. With or without signs designating personal space markers, maintain ample distance between you and those around you. If you can hear or feel someone breathing on your neck, they are too close! Use a shopping cart or find another mechanism for creating space between you and the next shopper. Better yet, if there are too many individuals in an enclosed area, keep moving and come back when the area is less congested. Continue to follow protective measures taken prior to and during shelter-in-place mandates to keep yourself safe, and do so with more fervency!

Though restrictions are being eased, you can’t afford to let your guard down. Wear your face mask when you’re out and about, and be stylish when doing so. Get creative with your protective gear; there’s freedom in originality! Coronavirus is a sly perpetrator looking to “get in where it can fit in”. By keeping your mouth and nose covered, direct access points for the virus to enter the body are shielded. This is not the time to hold extensive conversations in public on your cellphone or otherwise. Save those conversations for the privacy and confinement of your home or car. Keep your germs (infected or not), to yourself and limit airborne particles. Wash, wash, and WASH your hands! Always respect the privacy and safety of others! As federal, state, or local governments ease restrictions on social distancing, use wisdom, and do what is best and safe for you and your family. Preserve and promote life. Don’t compromise the health and safety of yourself or others. God gives us wisdom, and that wisdom encourages us to be wise and discerning in all our ways.

Inspirational Thought:

Lord, cover us in the days ahead,
Keep us healthy, safe, protected, and fed.
Sickness and lack,
May they not come near,
Draw nigh to us, Lord,
Make our pathway clear.

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