Get Back On Course!


The waters of life churn, get choppy, and in some instances flow vehemently. How do you minimize and survive the direct current? When you’re sailing on open waters with minimal shelter from the elements, where can you find refuge? When you need encouragement and companionship due to choppy waves,  who’s there to quiet the storm?

  Life places us in many uncontrollable and uncomfortable predicaments. Sometimes, there will be moments of peace and serenity, while at other times, all you can do is throw up your hands and go with the flow. Wherever you are in life, and whatever you’re going through, learn to master the waves. Whatever you do, don’t give up. Maintain your balance. Don’t jump off the boat and don’t fight against the waves. Learn to trust, and learn to coast! Get in God’s flow and stay there. You can handle life’s pressure; you were built for it. If your personal life, finances, business, or career seems topsy turvy right now, remain focused and don’t lose sight of your dreams. Just as Peter walked on water, you can also trample over any situation that is trying to steal your peace and take you under. Whatever you do, keep stepping and keep moving forward. God’s got you. He’s the life jacket that will nourish, cover, strengthen, and deliver. Remember, it’s your season. It’s your time; get in God’s flow and go with it!




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