Get Quiet!



It’s amazing how it takes a pandemic for the entire world to pause for a moment and take inventory of what’s really important in life. Nothing compares to health, peace of mind, and freedom of mobility. Money is nice to have, but without wisdom and discipline to wisely steward it, a financial blessing can quickly be mismanaged. By choice or by force, millions of people around the globe must quiet themselves and take a retrospective look within. Because our lives are so consumed with noise, when we’re forced to slow down and be still, we have difficulty adjusting. We’re itching to get outside while God is desiring that we grant Him unlimited access to come in. God wants to flood our hearts and minds with His love, joy, and peace. As we shelter in place, we must take advantage of every opportunity to seek His face!

During this time of isolation, detach yourself from noise, and make it a priority to connect yourself to your Source. Let Jesus be your lifeline. In connecting with Him, stress and anxiety will fade away. Fear will be replaced with faith, and strength will be renewed. During difficult times, rest in the fact that God is with us. He loves us. He cares for us, and He will never forsake us. Take comfort in knowing that God’s provision will never run out! Everything and everyone else may fail, but God will always be faithful and true. Flip the script! Stop making God last and purposely put Him first. We need Him now more than ever!

Inspirational Prayer:  Lord, thank You that our times are in Your hands. Have mercy on us. Strengthen us, heal us, and deliver us. Lord, we look to You for direction. Only You can heal our land. Thank You for a physical, spiritual, financial, and emotional healing. Help us to examine ourselves. Show us where we fall short in the stewardship of our time, finances, relationships, gifts, and most importantly, our obedience  and commitment to You. Renew, redirect, restore, and refocus us. We pray for those who have lost loved ones as well as those who are struggling with what's going on around us. Comfort them and give them peace. Thank You in advance for a fresh anointing. We will emerge wiser, more powerful, more focused, and more diligent than ever before. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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