Get Up and Get Moving!!!



Just days removed from celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, how are you doing? No, really, HOW ARE YOU? Is your faith tank running on fumes or does your expectation gauge register past full? Did you have a religious experience that was confined to a virtual worship service or did you have an intimate encounter that transformed your heart and mind? The answer to those questions lies solely in what’s in your head.

What have you been focusing on? Who have you allowed to speak into your spirit? Focus, access, and timing are critical aspects of victorious living. What’s in your head influences your thoughts, controls your actions, and ultimately determines what’s in your future. Before going any further in your faith walk, it’s time for a self-evaluation. Take a moment to get your head right and pull yourself together. Do you truly believe that the resurrection power of Jesus can transcend time or do you view His resurrection in terms of a historical event that happened many years ago?

Your perception of the resurrection is critical to your existence from this day forward. After dying on the cross, Jesus got up with all power in His hands. Everything on earth tried to silence and confine Him, but Jesus wasn't deterred; He patiently endured process and prophetically received power. Because He got up, so can you! Allow the vision of a victorious, risen Savior to resonate in your mind. If you believe that His resurrection power transcends time and resides in you, NOTHING can contain you. In the darkest of circumstances, you will have a peace that surpasses all understanding and in the lowest of valleys, you will rise above every obstacle facing you. Resurrection power is yours for the taking.  Activate yours and don’t be afraid to walk in your authority.

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