Your Harvest WILL Come - It Takes Time for Your Blessings to Sprout!

Don’t let your harvest pass you by. You’ve tilled. You’ve sown. You’ve planted. You’ve watered. You’ve fertilized. You’ve watered. You’ve pulled up weeds. You’ve watered again, and still nothing. You’ve put in time and effort, effort and time, yet it still seems as if you have no fruit.

What happened? Where did you go wrong? In your business, career, family, endeavors, investments, and relationships, you’ve been diligent and consistent to apply yourself and keep a watchful eye over the fruit of your labor.  Halfway into the year, you’re beginning to wonder if or when your breakthrough will come. You’ve analyzed your actions to determine if your seeding or timing was off. In your spirit, you received nothing but confirmation that you’re doing the right things and moving in the right direction. In spite of the confirmation, you can’t help but feel frustration and fatigue. You’ve given your all, you’ve given your best, and now, you’re on the verge of giving up. Mentally, you’re at a crossroad. Do you continue to move forward with no fruit in sight, or do you take a detour and pursue something new? Before making any drastic changes, you must be clear on a couple of things:  (1) God is faithful. (2) God is ALWAYS on time.

If God gave you a dream, that means He’s entrusted you to be diligent and go through the process of sowing and reaping. Fruit that remains is the result of roots that are planted deep and able to withstand turbulence. You haven’t seen much for the first six months of the year because your seeds have been germinating underground; they are being matured through turbulence. Turbulence is not always a bad thing; at this season in your life, turbulence is simply any uncertain circumstance or condition that may compromise the maturity and potency of your fruit. God has invested too much in you to allow a little bit of turbulence to derail your harvest.

When God gives you a vision, He also gives you the ability and resources to see it through. The shifting, the shaking, the unsettling force of turbulence is the very catalyst that will cause your harvest to break forth. Your labor is not in vain. Your efforts are not lost. Yes, you heard God correctly when He told you to plant! Can you continue to sow wholeheartedly even when there appears to be no return on your investment? During this time, you must hold fast to the confirmation from the Lord, and take God at His word. Remember this, delay is NOT denial. Delay often means preparation for God’s best!

A few days ago, we shifted into a new season. The season was ushered in with the occurrence of a strawberry moon. Historically, a strawberry moon signifies harvest time. It marks the period when the fruit of one’s labor is made manifest. The first half of the year may have been turbulent and slow, but God has shifted you into a new season – a season synonymous with ripe fruit. As you move forward into the latter half of the year, walk in a spirit of expectancy understanding that it’s harvest time. How bad do you want your blessings? You can’t give up now, keep putting forth time and effort. Take nothing for granted. After all, it took a strawberry moon to remind us that the season has changed, it’s time for harvest, and the fruit will be sweet!


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