Lessons In The Wind

In the essence of wind, there are many elements of change. Things are stirring; things are moving as everything that is not anchored will be uprooted and blown away. In this season of your life, be open and receptive. Accept change, don't fight against it. Allow God to blow the cover off everything that is not conducive for where He's taking you in the next phase of your life. If you've been holding on to anything that weighs you down and isn't beneficial for you, find the courage to let go. Whether it be a possession, person, or perspective, whatever it is, loosen your grasp. God wants you free to prosper and thrive! You can't move freely with Him if you're burdened, hindered, or obstructed. If something is truly meant for you, your action in being willing and obedient to let it go allows God to return it to you refined, refurbished, and revived. It's okay to give in. Stop fighting. Learn to release and let go. Let God have His way in your life!

Inspirational Prayer:  Lord, thank You in advance for the disruption. I'm trusting You to bring order, peace, clarity, favor, and revival. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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  • Amen I thank God for favor that was a very good word

    Deloris Carlyle

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