Nobody But You, Lord!

Thank God for the ability to bless and praise His name today. During this time of rest and stillness, take comfort in the fact that God is with us. Trust that He has already worked things out behind the scenes. Rest in Him as you are strengthened and restored!

Inspirational Prayer:

Lord, today we bless You. We honor You and we give You the glory that is due Your name. You have quieted us, and we make it a priority to remove all distractions and position ourselves to hear from You. If anyone can heal our Land, if anyone can turn the tide on what is going on in the nation and around the world, it’s You. Thank You for being a merciful, sovereign, omnipotent, and righteous God. Only You can save, only You can heal, only You can resurrect, and only You can deliver. We look to You today for answers, direction, and peace. During a time of quarantine and isolation, we examine ourselves. Lord, purge, cleanse, sanctify, and anoint us afresh. As we embrace social distancing, we remove ourselves from those things that will distract and contaminate our spirit.  Whether it be relationships, ideologies, social influences, or bad habits we sever the ties. Thank You for ministering to each of us individually so that we are able to come together corporately to advance Your kingdom. In what appears to be segmentation, thank You for being closer to us than we realize. Touch every household, meet every need, bring unity and peace. As You strengthen and unify each household, thank You that each of us is fitly joined to our respective position within the Body of Christ. Thank You that the Body of Christ is one in You. Though we are many members separated by physical distance, thank You that we are a unified Body. Lord, mend our hearts for no other purpose but to bring honor and glory to Your name. Lord, we pray for restoration today. We know that by putting You first in our lives, turning our hearts to You, and walking upright before You that the blessings of obedience will follow. Minister to each of us where we are. Thank You for giving us new insight into being called out and set apart. Thank You for distancing us while strengthening each member of the Body. While this nation is quiet and still, Lord, have Your way. Tear down everything that is not like You and resurrect us on a firm foundation so that we are truly one nation under God. Continue to cover and protect us all. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Musical Inspirational - "You Are God" by Marvin Sapp

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  • Amen!!! Blessings to everyone!!! HE is ABLE!!!! HE is WORTHY!!!! EVERY PRAISE IS TO OUR GOD!!❤

    Felicia Bacon

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