It Takes You and Me

Without you, I can accomplish some things, but with you I can do even more . . . 

A prayer for solidarity.
A prayer for peace.
A prayer for awareness and consciousness
That unlawfulness will cease.

A prayer for hope.
A prayer for love.
A prayer for mercy and justice
That rains down from above.

A prayer for accountability.
A prayer for change.
Violence and destruction is not the answer
The hatred and aggression must be exchanged.

To set fires and cause destruction,
What does that really solve?
When the glass crumbles and the ashes die 
Is the root of the problem resolved?

It’s a head and a heart issue
That continues to propagate
There’s an emptiness that must be filled
When love is shunned and hate escalates.

We are all equal, 
All one in the eyes of God
Our external shells may be different,
But we’re all crafted from the same pod.  

Woe be unto me
If my brother is in pain,
And I’m the source of his hurt or demise,
Then I should REALLY be ashamed.

Where is the honor
In threatening or harming another?
Red, brown, white, cream, beige, or black
We have the same Heavenly Father,
We are sisters and brothers!

Righting the wrongs of ethnic oppression
Requires real transformation,
Shifting attitudes and negative perceptions
Promulgating all around this nation.

Lord, move on us mightily
And help us all to see
To turn the tide on so much divisiveness
Real change begins with you and me!

Inspirational Prayer:

Lord, move in a mighty way around this world. Bring an end to senseless violence and loss of life. Reveal every hidden agenda and plot of the enemy. Turn destructive acts of protest into constructive momentum for activism that effects change. Lord, You hear the cries, You see the tears, and You understand the fears; send healing, bring comfort, and be a shield all around us. Thank You for sound leadership and move through those who are wise, discerning, and have a heart for Your people. Bring the practice of exciting hatred and instituting division in governments, socioeconomic groups, and ethnic groups to an end. We are one in You. Touch those that have a heart of stone who desire to continue to promote division and instill fear and confusion. Change their hearts and give them the mind of Christ so that their actions and thoughts are rooted and grounded in love. Send Your protection and peace and let Your love and mercy abound among us. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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