Prayer Works!


There is a weapon
That you can use,
It’s at your disposal
And ready to defuse,
Any situation spiraling out of control,
Bringing order and peace
As it soothes your soul.
You have a weapon,
That’s known as prayer,
It’s waiting to be used
If you’ll release it in the air.
 Prayer is a lifeline
That gets you to God,
When you lose your way
Or times get hard.
Prayer is a vehicle
That accentuates your praise
It works, I tell you,
You must do it always!


There’s a blessing for you in the midst of every trial. Do you believe it? Can you trust God or will you choose to allow your circumstances to steal your joy and define your future? Where you are in life is no surprise to God. What you’re experiencing at this very moment has not caught Him off guard. Anything that appears to be out of your control is entirely within God’s control. If you will look beyond the circumstances at hand, God's grace will equip you to weather the storm. 

In the midst of a chaotic time full of pain, sorrow, anxiety, and disappointment, God wants you to be quiet and still. While God is promoting rest, the world is promoting worry and fear. Rest and worry simply don’t jibe. If you worry, you’re not resting and if you’re resting, you have no capacity to entertain worry or fear. While the world is scrambling and governments are fighting against each other, God is not fazed and He doesn’t want you to be either. God is all-sufficient; therefore, He’s not bound to the markets of the world for sustainability. In times of lack, God has more than enough, and He wants you to have access to the same storehouse. As you take note of what's going on around the world, whose report will you believe? Will you trust naysayers and embrace negativity or will you operate in faith and rest in God?

The problem for many of us is that we don’t recognize the weapons we have at our disposal. What you don’t recognize, you can’t access, and what you can’t access, you can’t activate. Prayer is one of the most powerful weapons to have for access and activation. With it, you are focused and fueled; without it, you are deflated and defeated. Why are you helpless, faithless, and defenseless when God has given you authority and artillery? A weapon is of no use to you if you're not willing to use it to protect yourself. Check your arsenal. Is your stock underutilized? If so, it’s time to replenish your ammunition and sharpen your arrows. God is waiting eagerly to fellowship and commune with you. He wants to give you the strength and courage to call things into order as you identify your targets and align your bow. Get ready to walk in victory. . . prayer works! 


  • Thanks for sharing such a powerful message for it is just what I need to face the difficult challenge that’s before me on tomorrow.

    Louise Gibson
  • Great and powerful message. Thanks for sharing and for all you do.

    Ann G Sims

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