Step Out In Faith

Enlarge your territory and step out in faith today. Expand your mental capacity to believe and receive all that God has for you! God is not limited or affected by the ways of the world. His resources are unlimited and His mercy is unmerited. Your life is not on pause and you have not been denied! In any area of perceived lack, speak to that situation and say, “Come through, Jesus.” In any area of chaos or disarray, continue to proclaim, “Come through, Jesus.” See yourself as a victor in every trial and disappointment. You are not a failure, castaway, or second-rate citizen. You are royalty, remember that!! See yourself and conduct yourself as such. If your resources are a bit challenged or you’ve been feeling somewhat stressed, no worries; you have reinforcement. Thank God in advance and know that somehow, someway, He will come through for you! You can bank on that!!!!

Inspirational thought:  Come through, Jesus! I’m depending on You! Thank You in advance for being a way maker!



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  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


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