The Fight Is On!

Life can overwhelm you . . . only if you allow it to. When you’re facing hardships and it appears you’re in the fight of your life, understand that you are NEVER alone! No matter how lonely or difficult it may seem, know this – God feels your pain and recognizes your struggle. The fight for your healing, peace, joy, destiny, and prosperity is on – and here are a few tidbits to help you be successful and come out victorious:

  1. Show up – In spite of what you’re facing, don’t let fear overwhelm you. God is with you and for you. As long as He is in your corner, you have all the Provision you need.
  2. Put your armor on – Go into battle prepared. Be focused and in sync with the Lord. When you’re suited up, you are anointed and covered. Allow God’s word to lead and guide you into all truth.
  3. Be obedient – God cannot lead you through the battle if you’re not willing to follow. Don’t throw useless punches. Conserve your strength and allow the Lord to annihilate your opposition.
  4. Thank God in advance for the victory – In the midst of battle, when it appears the odds are stacked against you, continue to thank God for victory. Praising God keeps your mind off your problems, and shifts your attention to the One who can turn your life around!

The fight is on. Put your boxing gloves on and stare adversity in the face!

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  • Awesome way to start the week! The word is truth, and in truth is victory.

    Herbert Harris

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