Think well. Be well. Live well.


For every healthcare professional and first responder that has made the ultimate sacrifice, thank you. May your memory live on and you NEVER be forgotten! 

Think well. Be well. Live well. . . It’s the mantra for healthcare professionals and first responders all around the world. On this day of wellness, we make time to appreciate the sacrifices made by courageous men and women who answered the call to serve and continue to give life and hope to those in time of need. Day in and day out, healthcare professionals and first responders put the needs of others before themselves. Despite how they may feel physically, in spite of their personal circumstances, even without proper rest or adequate equipment, these professionals continue to show up and remain committed to the cause of saving lives. We salute you. Thanks for giving your all; your sacrifice does not go unnoticed. May God reward you richly for all that you do and give!

Understand that you are not alone,
The Lord God protects you
As He watches from His throne.
You are covered under the blood,
Shielded by His wings,
Angels encamp around you,
Have no fear of anything.

 Inspirational Prayer: 

Lord, thank You for healthcare professionals and first responders. We pray a special blessing over each of them right now. Thank You for the angels You have given charge over them. Cover, guide, direct, and  keep them in all their ways.  Place a hedge of protection around them. Be with them as they deliver aid to those in need and help them as they bring order and resolve to chaotic situations. Thank You for the knowledge, wisdom, and ingenuity You have given them. In the absence of medical supplies and personnel shortfalls, Lord, stand in the gap and fill the void. Give wisdom and discernment on when and where to send resources and aid. Thank You that supplies are on the way. Thank You that that their bodies and spirits are being strengthened and renewed. In the midst of their training and experience, reinforce their understanding of procedures and protocol. Bring all things to their remembrance and give them humility, faith, understanding, and courage to quickly excel during on the job training. While they are on assignment, Lord, keep them safe and take care of their needs. Thank You that their families are blessed, their finances are blessed, and their faith is renewed. Lord, in the days to come, help them to process any trauma or anguish they may have experienced as a result of being on the front lines.  Minimize any mental or emotional scars that may occur as a result of their service. Thank You for their peace. Thank You for their wholeness, and thank You for their wellness. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Musical Inspirations:

“Angels” – Richard Smallwood

“Strong Name” – Darius Polk

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