Trying Measures


Trying times call for trying measures. What do you do when mass chaos breaks out in your life? Where can you go when your comfort zone has been invaded and you no longer feel safe? How do you cope when the once familiar becomes unfamiliar?

When life as you know it becomes disrupted or unpredictable, you must make some drastic choices. In the time of your choosing, think rationally and choose Christ. Allow Him to be Your sustenance and allow Him to comfort you. He will lead and guide you into all truth. He will cover and sustain you regardless of what is going on around you. Don’t lose heart and don’t walk in fear. Choose and trust in Him!!

It’s a state of emergency

That we are in.
Lord, send a refreshing,
And revive us again.
There’s been a declaration,
But the specifics aren’t clear,
Lord, speak to us now,
Your voice we need to hear.
We need reassurance,
We need clarity,
The only place we will find it
Is in Your holy decree.
We’re looking for resolve,
We’re looking for peace,
All over this world,
Let Your spirit increase.
Lord, be our Provision,
Be our Hope and our Shield,
Lord, cover and guide us
Through this trying ordeal.


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