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Tune in to the Lord’s briefing today. Give Him prime time as well as a venue to speak into your spirit. Be open and receptive to what God has to say, the Lord is expert at EVERYTHING! Take God at His word and stand on His promises. God never wavers in His love and commitment to you. Financial shortfalls . . . He’s got you covered. Health challenges. . . He’s able to heal and restore. Loss of a job . . . let Him employ you. Set yourself apart and allow God to restore You. He is ready, willing, and able to transform your life. Quiet yourself and get in position to receive instruction from the Lord . . .

Inspirational Prayer:  Lord, Thank You for Your faithfulness and provision. Manifest yourself all over the world. Show how great and mighty You truly are. Thank You for being the answer to a battered economy, financial turmoil, and infectious diseases. Bring order, structure, peace, healing, and stability all over this land. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Musical Inspiration - "Just One Word" by Gary Oliver


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  • A needed word in trying times. Thanks for sharing Christa!!


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